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In each of the stages of the life of your company, we want to provide agile and appropriate solutions with our specialized advice, and accompany you in your development and evolution as a business, whether national or international.

As international experts our services include the following:


  • Communication of unauthorized IIC marketers.
  • Delegation to send statistical data of foreign IIC.
  • Statistical statements of foreign IICs.
  • Significant holdings in IIC.
  • Registration of foreign IICs.
  • Settlement of fees.
  • Presentation and modification of Prospectus/ KID
  • Presentation of IIC reserved statements (annual and semi-annual accounts).
  • Relevant Fact Publication.
  • Authorization and registration of funds in Spain.
  • Obtaining CIFRADOC certificate.
  • Obtaining LEI code.
  • Presentation of documentation in the Commercial Registry
  • Communication of Relevant Fact

AIF Funds

  • AIFM report to its NCAs.
  • Authorization and registration of funds in Spain.
  • Obtaining CIFRADOC certificate.
  • Obtaining LEI code.
  • Foreign AIF statistical statements.
  • Communication of Relevant Fact
  • Presentation and modification of Prospectus

Entities supervised by the Bank of Spain

This includes credit, payment and electronic money institutions, financial credit institutions.

  • Advice on authorisation procedures for all types of entities supervised by the Bank of Spain.
  • Registration of payment institutions with low turnover.
  • Registration of notifications of exclusions by limited network and telecommunications operators.
  • Registration of account information service providers.
  • Registration of real estate credit intermediaries and real estate lenders.
  • Registration of providers of virtual currency exchange services for fiat currency and custody of electronic wallets.
  • Statement of transactions and balances in marketable securities.
  • Declaration of foreign economic transactions by payment service providers.
  • Inquiries to the Registry of Senior Officials.
  • Consultations and certificates on entities and persons registered in official registries.

Labour Department

  • Payroll preparation.
  • Social Security.
  • CRA file.
  • Drawing up monthly and quarterly cost reports.
  • Response and drafting of letters to different bodies.
  • Filing of 111 and 190 taxes.
  • Labour inspections.
  • Sanctions.
  • Dismissals.
  • Assistance to SMAC and Courts.
  • Legal advice.

Commercial registry of Madrid

  • Registration of deeds
  • Registration of certification
  • Registration of deeds and notary’s office in one and the same procedure
  • Submission or correction of accounts
  • Authenticated certification for outside Spain
  • Simple note
  • Collection of other documents presented by a third party
  • Request for certifications
  • Telematic Legalization of Company Books (financial year/book)
  • Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) application form

Madrid trade registry

  • Certificate of ownership/assets/burdens.
  • Ownership index.
  • Obtaining simples notes.
  • Notes.
  • Registration.

Notaries and translation agencies (Madrid capital)

  • Notary and legalization.
  • Collection of deeds.


AEAT in person

  • Processing of NIF (Tax ID number) Form 036.
  • NIF processing (includes: 1 MOD 036 + 1 MOD 030).
  • Processing of NIF (additional MOD 030 in the same procedure).
  • AEAT Legal Representative Registration (MOD 030).
  • Processing of Digital Certificate (Spanish Entities and Individuals, valid for 2 years).
  • Processing of Digital Certificate (NON-RESIDENT Companies – valid for 4 years).


  • Presentation of telematic forms to Ministries.
  • Apostilles.
  • Consular legalisations.
  • Post.
  • AJD and ITP Presentation of model.
  • Police: Application for NIE.
  • Notary representation services.

For any other procedure not covered in this section, please contact us.

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